Day one, mobilization:

It’s raining, ok…it stopped…started…stopped…started…the geckos are chirping, it’s HOT, humid and delightfully fragrant. I’m IN HAWAII!!! This morning I was pensive, ecstatic, excited, nervous, worried all the feeling I felt today as I headed to SFO on BART. A feeling of typical travel calm also though. Sometimes I’m over emotional when I travel…especially after long periods of NON-travelling. Do I have all the things I need, where is my boarding pass? Did I pack enough underwear? …all questions that pop into my head as I stand in line at the security gate. Will they search my bag and find the pesto I packed for the landlords? SHIT! Now THAT would be a tragedy. Honolulu airport was a breeze. My car is HUGE but Siri guides me to Haleiwa without a hitch. After one wrong turn, I find my adorable little place. No one is home upstairs. I load in, unpack and hit the beach! The trails to get to the beach are so cool and the beach…well locals only kine stuff which just totally blows my skirt up!!!! Groceries were twice what they are on the mainland but WHO the fuck cares!!! I’m IN HAWAII!!! I made myself a drink and hunkered in at the beach to watch the sunset…I had some time. I drank my drink I had made and watched the dogs romping around the beach chasing each other without a care in the world…hysterical!… I had to pee but I’m NOT departing. Not yet anyways. Gotta see the sunset and it’s not too far off. Surfers, their ladies and kids keep popping on and off the beach to hit the small surge coming in. Bit of an offshore breeze sets up the face quite nicely but still small waves. I gotta Pee…! Only and hour to go before the sun sets. SHIT I GOTTA PEE! I can hold it…I’ll meditate…helps a little. Can’t concentrate…dogs whizzing by, people chatting, laughter, it began to rain…MAN!…I GOTTA PEE…NOPE…not gonna,  gotta watch the sunset! Hold it…HOLD it…HOLD IT!!!!! FINALLY (honestly) the sun sets beautifully…MAN I could not walk home fast enough… I HAD TO PEE!… Phew!